30 November 2008

25 cookies and candies for christmas

every christmas, I make cookies and candies, just like my mom always did when I was growing up. I have very fond memories of my mother and grandmother (along with my father's help) cooking treats each december. there are some favorites that I cook every year and some new ones that I add. below is the list of what I am going to cook this year. I will share the recipes with you as well in future blog posts.

  1. chewy coconut pinwheels
  2. ginger snaps
  3. brown family sugar cookies
  4. lime meltaways
  5. maraschino cherry squares *
  6. holiday biscotti
  7. honey cardamom snowflakes *
  8. candy cane cookies
  9. coconut sables *
  10. pecan tassies
  11. chocolate hazelnut cookies *
  12. chocolate fantasy fudge
  13. peanut butter and nutella sandwich cookies *
  14. chocolate pretzels
  15. peppermint macaroons *
  16. snowball cookies
  17. boston cream candy *
  18. apricot rugula
  19. lebkuchen *
  20. chocolate swirl peanut butter fudge
  21. macadamia double decker brownies *
  22. texas trash
  23. peanut brittle
  24. white chocolate party mix
  25. divinity
  26. chocolate hazelnut wedding cookies * -- for cookie exchange
* new recipe this year


Ginger Tate said...

Could you send me the recipe for the coconut pinwheels? Hubby loves anything with coconut in it.

Jerri at Simply Sweet Home said...

Great collection of recipes here. I'll have to try the coconut pinwheels; my husband loves coconut too!