23 November 2008

24 hours of great eating

as I have said before, some days the food gods just smile on me, and the past 24 hours have been one of those times.  

on the way back from the family reunion we stopped for dessert at ooh la la in katy. ed, my youngest has really enjoyed telling EVERYONE that we went to OOH LA LA!  I got marble cheesecake that was really good. mike got red velvet cake that he said was also excellent.  ed raved on his cupcake, but he really only ate the icing.

since we were in katy already, we decided to go to swampy's for dinner.  swampy's is a cajun seafood restaurant that has really good food in a laid back atmosphere.  I had a wonderful drink that was a mix of a margarita and a hurricane (I can't remember the name of it, but it was good!) and fried shrimp.  mike had a cajun bloody mary to drink that was seriously spicy.  mike ordered shrimp half and half, which is shrimp etouffe and fried shrimp.  as a side, he got fried cheese grits.  I tried them, and let me tell you, they were really good. you know I love anything fried, especially with cheese!

for breakfast, my mother made her wonderful beignets, or "square doughnuts," as my boys call them.  as I have said previously, we have not had much luck making beignets. so, I got my mom's recipe, and now my fry daddy (michael) can make beignets for me anytime.  they are not as good as cafe du mondes, but they are a very close second!  I will share the recipe with you in a future post.

my favorite restaurant in houston is jax grill in the heights.  we went there for lunch on our way back to waco.  everything that I have ever tried at jax has been wonderful.  although, truth be told, I do not vary much from my standard captain crunch chicken.  I will share my recipe for this in a future post as well, but I have to admit that mine is not as good as jax's.  there is just something better about eating at jax, even the fountain coke tastes better there to me than anywhere else.

we stopped to do some shopping in college station on our way home, so we had wings at the gas station for dinner in college station.  yes, for those of you that follow me on twitter, that is twice in one weekend that I had wings at the gas station.  many of you will not be surprised by that.  one of the things that mike has taught me as a fellow foodie is that sometimes the best food is in the hole in the wall places.  that's why we love diners, drive-ins, and dives.  actually the wings 'n more in the gas station that we stop at is part of a chain, and all the other locations are actual restaurants.  for that matter, this wings location is moving and will be in an actual restaurant the next time we go through college station.  we just like stopping at the gas station one because it is quick and easy to get in and out.  did I mention, the food is really good!!

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