11 November 2008

we chose wisely -- eating in Vegas, day 4

I walked over to paris this morning for breakfast (I just think it's so cool to say that) and I got a chocolate croissant and a coke and ate them back at the bellagio while I enjoyed my last few hours of internet. the croissant was really good; flaky and sweet.

before I talk about our lunch, I should tell you this; michael is a much more adventuresome eater than I am. for lunch, we had decided on going to noodles in the bellagio. when I was walking back from paris, I noticed trader vics at the miracle mile shops. after looking at trader vics menu, I decided that I would rather go there (noodles was just a little to adventuresome for my taste).

I started off my lunch at trader vics with a bahia cocktail (light rum with coconut and pineapple juice). it was really good, but very strong. to eat, I had the coconut chicken with pineapple sauce. coconut chicken is one of my favorite dishes (once I saw that on the menu at trader vics, I knew this was were I wanted to go), and this one was really good. not as good as the coconut chicken at jd's art cafe (a local restaurant in waco that closed down a few years ago, and I still miss it), but it was a close second. michael had wok hay shu which was a stir-fry of asian veggies with tofu and served with rice. he said it was really good and he would definitely eat here again, which means I made a good choice on lunch, yeah me!

we wanted to eat a nice steak dinner one night while we were in vegas and after looking at the menus for all the steakhouses that we were recommended, we settled on the steakhouse at treasure island (they had an interactive touch screen menu outside the restaurant and we just thought that was too cool, we are easily amused). we made reservations, but once we got there for dinner, we realized we didn't really need them. they weren't crowded, but it was early on a tuesday night. I decided not to read too much into it. they started off the meal by serving us their "world-famous" loaded potato rolls, which did not do much for me. mike and I split their endive salad which was really good, with blue cheese, candied walnuts, and bacon slabs. we were BIG fans of the large pieces of bacon. we decided on the filet mingon with hollandaise horseradish sauce and I got macaroni and cheese and michael got grilled asparagus. the steak was a little overdone for mike's taste (which meant it was about perfect for my taste), but the hollandaise horseradish had nice texture and taste. the sides were not that great, but they weren't really bad either, they were just kind of average. I think that we have gotten spoiled with 135prime (a great steakhouse here in waco).

we went back to jean phillipe's for dessert again tonight, yes, it was that good. we even had the same crepes as last night. would it be obsessive for me to go there again for breakfast in the morning?

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