12 November 2008

the end is here -- eating in vegas, day 5

I think that there is a gelato shop on every corner in vegas, but we never got around to having any. so, this morning when I went down with michael for breakfast at cafe gelato in the hotel, I decided to have some strawberry gelato for breakfast (those of you who know me, know that ice cream for breakfast is not a rare thing). I also got chocolate croissant thinking that I would eat it for a mid morning snack (mike ended up eating it on the plane this afternoon). mike got a slice
quiche lorraine and he said it was very good; light and fluffy.

since our flight today left at 3:20, we decided to get to the airport early and just eat lunch at the airport. bad idea!! the layout of the vegas airport is really weird and there were not a lot of options by our gate. we decided on this pub for drinks and to split a sandwich. I wanted a strawberry daiquiri and a turkey sandwich, both of which they were out of. so, I had a pretty decent margarita on the rocks and we split and not very good ham sandwich. luckily, I had some salt and vinegar chips in my bag, so it wasn't an entirely wasted meal.

now we are on the road back to waco, mike just stopped and got me a coke and fried apple pie from whatburger (I'm so glad to be back in texas!!), so all in all, it wasn't an awful food day, but no where near as good as the last few days have been.

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