06 November 2008

cooking on the web

although I am new this whole blogging world, I tend to jump into most things with both feet, so I entered this blog to be featured in the 30 days of food and today my blog was featured there. how cool is that?

so that got me thinking about how the web influences the way I cook:

one of my favorite things is watching food network on the weekends because if they are cooking something that looks good, I can just got to their website and get the recipe and make it that same day. to me, that's just really cool (I know, I'm easily impressed).

there are also tons of other food related websites out there from cooking magazine websites to dietary specific cooking websites to sites for food companies to give you ideas of how to cook with their products. the volume of it overwhelms me sometimes, but I am almost always able to find the recipe for anything that I want to cook.

lastly, there is the blogs and social media. I have found so many great food blogs out there (not to mention mine is the greatest ever) and I have meet so many other foodies through twitter and facebook. I still find it amazing some days that I am exchanging recipes and cooking ideas with people not only all across the us, but in other countries as well.

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