14 January 2009

this time of year, my thoughts always turn to . . . breakfast

ok, those of you who thought I was crazy for the 25 cookies and candies at Christmas, you are really going to think that I am nuts now.

every year, I cook breakfast from scratch for my husband's office on the saturday before the april tax deadline.  I did it the first year that he started working there and now it is something that everyone looks forward to.  so, once all the craziness from Christmas starts to die down, my mind starts planning what I will cook for this.  I usually cook about 8 breakfast casseroles or breads to bring in the morning and then when I come back around lunch time to clean up, I usually bring some cookies and biscotti so everyone can have a nice afternoon snack.  I figure this is the least that I can do since everyone at mike's office work so hard that time of year and I LOVE to cook, so really, it's not a hardship.

I would like a little help from you, my dear readers, please comment to this post with any ideas that you have for what I should cook.  just like with the 25 cookies and candies at Christmas, I will post all my recipes and pictures here on my site in april.


Deborah Smith said...

I have a recipe for a delicious blueberry cream cheese casserole. It like a really rich coffee cake.

I don't have it up on my blog (which surprised me, I have to get on that) but if you want me to email the recipe, I'd be happy to.

jerseybites (at) gmail (dot) com

Anonymous said...

My mom always does this for her church choir on the Sunday they perform their Christmas cantata. Besides the usual spread of quiche, pastries, and fresh fruit, she always makes Puppy Chow (yes, the Muddy Buddies recipe from Chex/Crispix which consists of cereal, peanut butter, chocolate, and powdered sugar) and Pecan Praline Crunch, or what we call "Christmas crack." It is Quaker Oatmeal squares cereal, karo, brown sugar, and pecans, among other things. Once baked to perfection it becomes the most addictive snack you'll ever taste! And since it's cereal it makes you feel like you're eating "healthy" (hello whole grains). I'll email both to you if you'd like.