02 January 2009

cocoamoda in calvert, I think I'm in love!

there is a new gourmet chocolate shop, cocoamoda, in calvert (one of the small towns between waco and college station) that my mom has been raving about ever since she first stopped there on her way to waco for thanksgiving. so tonight we drove down to college station to meet my parents and get the boys back. on the way down we called cocoamoda to make sure that they would be open on our way back and we decided that we would stop there with the boys.

the first thing that I noticed when I walked in was how beautiful the place was inside. it was decorated with what mike called "sleek european" decor, to me it looked like a cigar club with dark wood and dark leather furniture and fixtures. as we stood there, mouths open and drooling, looking at all the beautiful chocolates, the owner came over to talk to us and began offering us samples (that's how all food addictions begin, right?).

I tried a cassis truffle that litterally exploded in my mouth, it was wonderful. it had a black currant jelly center surrounded by milk chocolate and topped with edible gold. mike tried the chocolate orange peel. it had a surpisingly mild orange flavor with a strong dark chocolate coating. my mom raved about the chocolate orange peel. mike said that it met the high expectations that he had for it. they were also nice enough to offer truffles to the boys. ed got a passionfruit truffle that he did not like, so after taking a bite he gave it to me. I never thought that I would have liked a passionfruit truffle, but this was divine. it had, again, a jelly center surrounded by white chocolate with a sugar coating that gave it a little crunch. lee wanted to try the anisette truffle, although we warned him that it would be bitter. just like his brother, lee took one bite of his and gave it to mike who happily finished it. mike said that it had a creme filling with a subtle anise flavor surrounded by a cruchy shell and then covered in dark chocoalte. although not usually a fan of anise, mike said it was really good.

after all of our tasting, we finally decided on 12 truffles that we wanted to get, and mike got a cafe americano for the road. as mike was paying, I looked over the menu and was pleasantly surpised to see that they had some delicious sounding items on the menu as well. mike's ears perked up when they said that they serve breakfast all day on saturday and sunday. we will have to make another trip down to try out their food as well.
their website is: www.cocoamoda.com


Michael L Brown said...

Link to a Houston Chronicle article about Cocoamoda:

Anonymous said...

This place is heavenly! I also stopped through after my mom kept raving about it. Unbelievable! No fair that a tiny town like Calvert should get this kind of place! haha

caryn said...

we went back and I think that I am quickly becoming addicted. http://cookingntexas.blogspot.com/2009/01/cocoamoda-again-i-feel-addiction-coming.html