21 January 2009

thinking about making some changes

I've been thinking today about making some changes to this blog and I would like some feedback from you, my faithful readers.

the first thing that I have been thinking about is changing the name of this blog (not the url, just the name).  cooking and eating in Texas just doesn't seem to be as catchy as some of the other food blogs out there.  any thoughts on what a good name would be?  I was thinking maybe "a wooden spoon and a fork" just something catchy.

the other thing that I have been thinking about is doing questions on one day of the week, kind of like thursday's thunks, but all about food.  maybe post 10 questions each week and any other foodies can answer them on their blog and I will answer them on here.  I think it would be a fun way to get to know the other foodie bloggers better.  what do you think?

please leave me a comment and let me know what you think of the ideas, be honest, you won't hurt my feelings.  looking forward to getting some great feedback!


Anonymous said...

hmm... Catchy eh? I love catchy blog titles. Obsessed by them actually. How about...

Deep in the Dish of Texas
Lonestar Plate
SouthFork and Spoon

I know.. I'm a dork.

Maureen Reynolds said...

I might stick with your original (I imagine) name but drop the n CookingTexas (subtitle ...A big job but somebody's gotta do it )

I'd like to see a banner pic of some sort too, even if it's a hazy one behind your title.

1 question at a time..think you mentioned 10. I'm not likely to take that kinda time.

Weekly themes go over...check out some of the food blogs at the bottom of my blog. (those are mainly as my reminders so are down at the bottom). One day I'll change format and have them on the left...one day.

Anonymous said...

George Bush ate here?
Austin's Power
Longhorn Stew
Handling Pans

Good Luck. I love Texas food.