25 January 2009

cocoamoda again, I feel an addiction coming on!

on our way back to waco today, mike and I decided to stop once again in calvert at cocoamoda (the wonderful chocolate shop that I blogged about earlier this month). we went in there just thinking that we would each just get one truffle, but once we got in there and I saw all the truffles behind the case, I knew that one simply would not be enough. I had decided on 3 truffles (key lime, passionfruit, and hazlenut) when the owner, Chef Ken Wilkinson, came out. I re-introduced myself and told him that he may not remember me but that I had been in right after new year's and was so impressed with his chocolates that I blogged about them and that blog post has become my 2nd top post. the owner's eyes lit up and he was so grateful he said that he had gotten lots of traffic from my blog post and the other guy working there said that my blog post is one of the first things that comes up when you search for cocoamoda on google. (I checked it and he was right, my blog post is 4th). the owner was so appreciative that he insisted we take a dozen truffles on the house (and really, who am I to turn down an offer like that!) while we were talking, he insisted that I try one of his newest creations, chocolate covered mango pieces. I am not usually a mango fan, but these were divine, the fruit was chewy sweet and the chocolate was the right counterbalance for it. I couldn't wait to try my hazelnut truffle (you know I love hazelnut and chocolate) and it was everything I could have dreamed of and more. the creamy interior of like hazelnut jelly was surrouded by the best chocolate with a hazelnut piece on top for just a little bit of crunch. I would love to take credit for this great picture of the exterior of cocoamoda, but I found it on flickr on justlooking's photostream. but I can take credit for the picture below of all the wonderful truffles we got!
if you are looking for some great pictures of cocoamoda's chocolates, check out rebecca sherman's blog

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