24 February 2009

tuesday take 5 -- week #4

here are your five questions for this week's tuesday's take 5! thanks for everyone who has been playing along!
  1. what are you currently trying to learn/master with your cooking?
  2. where do you go for ideas for new recipes (cooking shows, cookbooks/magazines, experiment in the kitchen)?
  3. what is one thing that you make, but you don't eat?
  4. what is your biggest guilty pleasure with food?
  5. what is one thing that you mom (or who ever taught you to cook) can make better than you?

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I recently bought the book "Culinary Artistry" and have been playing around with the idea of ingredient "synergy" in my cooking.

I'm also going to explore pairings food with beer more for my blog in the near future.