24 February 2009

my answers to tuesday's take 5 -- week #4

here are my answers to this week's tuesday's take five:
  1. what are you currently trying to learn/master with your cooking?
    pastry cream (I can never get it to set)
  2. where do you go for ideas for new recipes (cooking shows, cookbooks/magazines, experiment in the kitchen)?
    cookbooks mainly and experiment with the ingredients in my pantry
  3. what is one thing that you make, but you don't eat?
    roasted asparagus (for mike) and any thing with mint
  4. what is your biggest guilty pleasure with food?
    truffles from cocoamoda and eating blue bell ice cream straight out of the pint
  5. what is one thing that you mom (or who ever taught you to cook) can make better than you?
    her corn casserole!!

1 comment:

CarolinaDreamz said...

I simply adore truffles. I'm not fond of cocoa powder on the outside, though.

I hope all is okay, in your neck of the woods. I will look for a current Take 5 Tuesday, again, soon.