10 February 2009

my answers to tuesday's take 5 -- week #2

here are my answers to this week's tuesday's take 5. wanna play along?
  1. what is one food that you refuse to try?

  2. what is the one food that you like to eat, but won't make?
    anything fried, I love to eat fried foods, but I am scared to fry them, that's why mike is my fry-daddy

  3. what is the farthest you've traveled for a meal?
    90 miles (to austin, we make that trip quite a lot just for the food!)
  4. what is the most creative/exotic meal you've ever made?
    banana egg rolls
  5. what is scariest (i.e. hole in the wall) place you've eaten at?
    larry's in richmond, although I don't think it's all that scary

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