13 March 2009

what we are missing in waco and eating at #sxsw

for some reason, this week, I have been thinking a lot about the restaurants/types of food that are missing from waco.  don't get me wrong, I LOVE living in waco, but it does not have all the restaurants and grocery stores that a larger city would have.  in a lot of ways I am grateful for this, it makes it all that more fun when we go places (which is why we seem to put so much thought into where we eat when we are out of town). also, it has inspired me to cook and experiment in the kitchen more, trying to replicate dishes that we can't get in waco.

I think what started this all for me this week was my twitter friend @youngfreetexas (I am beginning to discover he is a little bit of a foodie as well) talking about eating fried chicken and waffles while he was in atlanta.  fried chicken and waffles are one of those southern treats that I have never tried, but I would like to if I get the chance.  so, I asked @youngfreetexas if there was any place in waco to get fried chicken and waffles.  of course, the answer was no (actually, he had a pretty funny answer).  then this morning, I woke up craving some sort of yeasty breakfast pastry (I don't really know what exactly I wanted, but it wasn't the donut that I ended up having).  I couldn't think of any place in waco where I could go to get a great, fresh breakfast pastry.  maybe I'll talk my mom into making beignets when she is here this weekend!!

I am going to austin later this weekend for south by southwest and I was thrilled last night to see that @youngfreetexas had posted a wonderful blog post about eating in austin.  you can check out his blog at: http://youngfreetexas.com

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