22 March 2009

somedays it just happens that way . . .

yesterday morning, mike had to work, so he was not able to make biscuits for me.  then, while he was at work, he found out that olive branch, one of our favorite restaurants had finally reopened after being closed for a couple of months and moving.  so michael promised me that he would make me biscuits this morning and then we would go to olive branch for lunch.

we ended up sleeping in this morning, so it was after 11 before mike started making his biscuits, but they were definately worth the wait.  so, we weren't really hungry for lunch for a while, but at about 2:30 we decied to venture out for lunch and to go run some errands.  on our way into town, we stopped at the gas station by our house to get a sunday paper and for me to get a coke.  now, I need to tell you that I love fountian cherry coke. it is the greatest thing in the world, and one of the main reasons that I stop at this gas station is to get a fountain cherry coke (I even know exactly how much they cost so that when I am in a hurry in the mornings, I can just run in and get my drink and leave them the money on the counter and not have to wait for them to check me out).  well, today I went up to the fountian drink machine and noticed that they had replaced the cherry coke with coke zero, which will not work for me (on the bright side, I have been trying to kick my soft drink habit for a while now and this may just be the thing I need to do it).

so we headed into town to go to olive branch for lunch, and I was already going over what I was going to get in my mind (did I want the french toast or the blt?).  when we pulled up, I noticed that all the chairs were on the tables and the lights were off.  I looked on the door and sure enough, they close at 2 pm on sundays and it was 2:45 by then.  since we couldn't really think of anything else that sounded good, we decided to go run the rest of our errands and see if we thought of something.

we finished our errands and were not any closer to knowing where we wanted to go.  then mike suggested double daves (a pizza chain here in texas) buffet .  that sounded good to me, they have fountian cherrry coke and I have been craving their cinnamon sticks.  so I call double daves to make sure that they have a dinner
buffet on sunday and they said that they do, but it didn't start until 5 pm (by now it's about 3:40 pm).  we decide that we could go home and unload and then come back into town for dinner at 5 pm.  which we did and it was great.

so all in all, not a bad food day, but not as wonderful as it could have been. we will try olive branch again next weekend!

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