17 March 2009

st. patrick's day tuesday's take 5 -- week #7

thanks to everyone who has been playing along with tuesday's take 5. these questions are all in honor of st. patrick's day

  1. have you ever made some thing a certain color for a holiday (i.e. green cookies for st. patrick's day)?
  2. what is your favorite green food?
  3. what is your favorite irish dish to make?
  4. what is one irish dish that you have always wanted to try?
  5. have you ever had green beer?
answer these 5 questions on your blog today and enter your name (or your blog's name) in the name field below and a permalink (the url for your blog post with the answer to these questions and not just to your main blog page) to your blog post in the url field. thanks for playing, see you next week!

1 comment:

Christi B said...

Loved this week's theme and will be posting a couple of my favorite green dishes in a bit to my blog!