18 October 2008

rudy's and the cupcake store

so, I'm not just going to write about what I cook here, I'm also going to write about what I eat and today was a good eating day, which is rare when I don't cook and we don't leave waco.

first off, I took the boys to the new cupcake shop, what about cupcakes, and I enjoyed two cupcakes. her cupcakes are so good, not only are they very well made, but she has some very unique flavor and flavor combinations. so far I have tried her red velvet, italian cream, pecan praline, and strawberry and they were all wonderful.

then, we met michael at rudys for our mid-afternoon meal (we usually only eat breakfast and one other big meal on the weekends). of course we had the prime rib. rudy's is a BBQ chain out of austin that has really, I mean really good BBQ, but friday to sunday, they have prime rib until it runs out and it is some of the best prime rib that I have ever had. as usual, we had rudy's creamed corn and butter potatoes with it to round out a great meal. I talked mike (I didn't have to try real hard) into getting extra prime rib so we can eat some later this week with mac and cheese.

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