27 October 2008

good food is in the mouth of the beholder

mike made his famous biscuits for my parents this morning. it was one of those times, when everything did not work right. we did not have any butter or self-rising flour. we were out of my home-made baking powder and I just did not have time to make anymore, so mike had to use the store-bought baking powder. needless to say, the biscuits were not there usual wonderfullness. don't get me wrong, they were good, just not his best.

of course, my parents still thought they were great because they have not had his biscuits enough to know what they were really missing out on. this reminded me of something that I realized when I moved to waco, for the most part the food that we consider good is simply the best that we have had. for example, my dad makes amazing bar-b-que and growing up around houston, there was always lots of good bar-b-que. when I moved to waco, I kept trying these restaurants that people were saying had good bar-b-que and I was not impressed. I realized then, that these people had never really had good bar-b-que, so they didn't know how good it could be. so, thanks dad for spoiling me for all the other bar-b-quer's out there!!

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