08 May 2009

how we drive to houston

since I talked last week about our friday night ritual of prime rib from rudy's as our usual friday nite dinner, I figured today I would tell you about how we eat our way down to houston.  it is about a 3 hour drive from our house in waco to our hometown outside of houston and we have our typical stops that we always make along the way:

the first one cocoamoda in calvert, to get some of their amazing chocolates!  this time I came bearing gifts for ken "the chocolate man", I brought him the intercourses cookbook that I got last month and have fallen in love with.  as a fellow foodie, I thought he would like it and it fit our unique relationship.  as I was standing at the counter waiting for my hubby's decaf coffee, I was reading all the articles that have been written about cocoamoda and I was shocked by how many their were. you know that I can go on and on about cocoamoda, but I thought you might enjoy reading what others have to say, so here are the articles I found about cocoamoda:
gourmet chocolate factory opens in calvert -- kbtx
restorational revival -- the new york sun
cocoamoda chocolate opens in calvert -- houses, gardens, people blog
entrepreneuer aims to put chocolate on the map -- trading markets
texas two-step chocolate style -- chocolate atlas
inside cocoamoda resturant -- flikr

the next stop is wings n more in college station.  there are 4 locations in college station and we used to go to the one that was in the exxon station on the north side of bryan (yes, I call myself a foodie, but one of my favorite places to eat is in a gas station).  they have since moved to a freestanding building, but they are still the location we go to most often.  they have amazing wings and cheese fries and as I tried tonight, pretty good baked beans.  if you are ever in college station, texas or the woodlands, texas I encourage you to give them a try, you will be glad you did.

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