29 December 2008

date night at 135 prime

we went to 135 prime, arguably the best steakhouse in waco, for dinner tonight.  we probably go there at least once every couple of months, so we pretty much have down what we are going to order.  it was monday night, which is prime rib night -- michael's favorite.  so here is what we ordered:

I got the monroe margarita, which is a margarita with olives and a splash of olive juice, I never thought I was an olive fan, but this drink is great and it is what I always get at 135.
michael got a mexican martini and said it was really good.   he usually gets the bogart's bourbon (maker's mark and amaretto), but he decided to branch out tonight.

we always split their house salad, and it is incredible.  it is field greens with sliced apples, blue cheese, and candied pecans topped with a maple vinaigrette.  there are no words to describe how good this salad is.  I am going to try to recreate it for new years eve dinner, and if it is a success, I will post a recipe.

we split the prime rib, and it was wonderful, as usual.  I never had prime rib before michael.  it is one of the many wonderful foods that he has introduced me to.

sides (the sides at 135 are served family style, which makes for easy sharing):
I always get the steamed broccoli with hollandaise for my side and tonight was no exception.  the broccoli is always steamed perfectly and their hollandaise is wonderful.
mike usually gets the creamed spinach for his side.  he says 135's cream spinach is the best he's ever had. I won't take offense to that because I've tried it and it is really good.  tonight, though, mike decided to just share my broccoli.
we usually split the macaroni and 4 cheeses. I know, you don't think of macaroni and cheese at a nice steakhouse, but it is unbelievably good!  we decided to branch out tonight and tried the fried potatoes, which are basically homemade potato chips.  I asked for some bearnaise sauce to go with the potatoes, and that was a good choice.  the potato chips with the bearnaise sauce were wonderful.  I'm not sure if we have a new standard or not.

desserts (one of the reasons that mike and I like to split meals is so that we can have dessert):
I usually get the creme brulee for dessert, which is perfect. it is smooth and light and the perfect ending to a heavy meal.  tonight, however, I decided to split a dessert with mike.
mike always gets the bailey's chocolate cake.  this is a rich chocolate cake with chocolate icing and a shot of bailey's irish cream poured on top.  unfortunately, they do not have this dessert anymore, so mike had to choose something else.  I am going to try to recreate this cake for mike. if I am successful, I will post the recipe.
we decided to split the dulce de leche cheesecake.  it was really good. it had great flavor, and was very creamy.  it was a little bit heavier than what I was looking for, so I'm glad we were splitting it.  I usually do not share my desserts that easily!

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