17 February 2010

eating in austin

this past saturday, we went to austin to celebrate mike's 30th birthday and as usual we really enjoyed the food in austin. for lunch we went to one of our favorite places to eat, zax's pints and plates. we shared a blue cheeseburger and a salad and it was wonderful as usual. for dinner, mike wanted sushi, so we went to maiko sushi lounge and it was amazing. we started off with their hot rock, which is a hot rock that you cook beef on, it was an interesting experience and very tasty. we also had their calamari which has to be the best calamari that I have ever had. the group then shared a sampling of sushi and I had their chicken teriyaki (since I don't eat sushi). the food was all very good and unfortunately, we were too stuffed for dessert, but it looked really good on the menu.

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